The Power of the online Professional Learning Network

Coming to a conference like the annual VATE conference is a great way of learning and becoming inspired about our teaching. We gain ideas, resources and new ways of thinking about our practice in the classroom. But it is only once a year. Over the last few years I have found my professional learning extended by finding a network of enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers and educators from all around the globe who are on hand to give me inspiration and ideas whenever I need it. My new online Professional Learning Network (PLN) is a global network and fluid enough to accommodate learning anytime, anywhere. This workshop will demonstrate the use of nings, blogs, Twitter and diigo as a means to connect with other educators on a global scale and make learning more meaningful. It is for teachers at all levels of experience and all year levels.
Jo McLeay

In this wiki you will find the presentation from the conference, a list of resources and a place to ask questions, comment and upload your own resources